Monday, 29 December 2008

Minty Hat

along a chumpy street
around to grunty house
where there's tea and feet
and mostly munty mouse

we talk to romo chitty block
when the time is right
he lives inside a cuckoo clock
and cannot sleep at night

then we make a minty hat
and wear it in a scene
trying to imagine that
we're living in a dream

Sunday, 28 December 2008

In The House

The Tree House is a good place for doing various things, and the view is excellent too. There is always time for the mind to float away to other locations either out through the window or inside the air particles of the tree sanctum. I'm not sure if the Tree House actually travels from time to time, it's difficult to say, although nobody seems to have noticed it happen.

Sometimes there are visitors and this (see picture) is what it can look like inside, particularly with these two visitors. On the left is Como Avocado who comes from the Sepia Dimension, he likes antique shops and moves furniture in his head. On the right is James McFadden, a great visionary who can see invisible pies and the meaning of life.

We quite often discuss poetry and taxidermy, amongst other things, and on one occasion Mr McFadden told us he was falling out of the Tree House before landing on a very big invisible pie.