Friday, 13 February 2009

Surprise Guests

Today I woke up and saw The Masters of Orbal Devices, I don't know how they got in but they'd made themselves at home. A ritual was being performed, lead by Grand Master Have-a-Bun91, who blew the Bubbles of Barry* from his consciousness into our dimension via the Hoop of Harry.**

The Masters said they wished to gift our world with many copies of Larry Lord of Peace, and eventually they produced some geese. I told them we have enough geese already and asked if they could make them go away. Grand Master Have-a-Bun91 said Larry moves in mysterious ways and the geese are charged by him to spread love and wisdom throughout the world, or locally at least.

We watched the geese make their way down the ladder and over the fields into the distance, then The Masters and I played dominoes and talked about Chartism until they had to leave.

*Barry God of Bubbles

**Harry God of Hoops

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G3T Films said...

Geeses are evilness!