Friday, 9 January 2009

Friday Afternoons

Friday afternoons are often spent in the company of Betty Tottie, a highly evolved being from the Sepia Dimension. This week she was accompanied by Carapace Pips who has a hole in his head that makes him exist twice (but nobody knows how).

As we drank Sepia tea, Betty told me of a shift in consciousness that is due to occur in their dimension. Apparently, some time in the not too distant future, chandeliers and coconuts from our world will be sucked into one of Mr Pips' holes and this will be followed by an explosion of digestive biscuits from his other hole into their dimension. I sipped my tea and gazed at Mr Pips for a while, then at Betty, and decided to read a book.


G3T Films said...

Betty talks too much and will be dealt with appropriately. Then inappropriately. We shall endure with the shame of it for the betterment of Betty.

T S Munty said...

That is entirely your choice, I would'nt touch Betty with a barge pole!