Sunday, 25 January 2009


Sometimes the Tree House visits itself in The Dimension of Happy Victorian Golfers, which is found in the attic room. The psychedelic window vortex is made of light powered by Tiriana Lamp-Post7, who was once someone else in a Kurt Vonnegut book (but only when it was open). Window pains no longer exist in this room because they are incompatible with golf, from any dimension, and clouds float through from Tuesday evening to Saturday afternoon.

Today there was only one golfer but it looked happy enough. It's name is Percia Outward-Nine, one of the best golfers that has ever lived and thirty-three times winner of the prestigious Jolly Golfer Trophy. I usually put a tin bowl on my head and hide behind the sofa when Percia is about, it's the best approach to take in the circumstances and allows me to practice my invisible technique.


G3T Films said...

Kurt Vonnegut never struck me as someone who struck a golf ball. But maybe that's because he's not too Jolly.

I love the girls reptilian eyes!

David said...

You make my eyes hurt in a good way.

T S Munty said...

G3T.. it's a jolly good thing that Kurt did'nt strike you or a golf ball!

Tiriana's all-seeing eyes will follow you everywhere!

David.. it's like a vivid dream around here sometimes!