Monday, 12 January 2009

The Green Nun

Yesterday the Earth turned around and tomorrow arrived, I'm so small I had to go around with the planet. It's the same for most of us. However, tomorrow had a curious landscape with wobbly hills and a flexible sky, some fields and also a green nun.

She said there were other people about who did'nt feel like they were thinking in the correct sequence. I turned around and moved across the fields of colours, into strobes of time, flying with the cycle runners through a cosmic rhyme.. realizing with glee I was out of my tree.


G3T Films said...

I knew a hallucinogenic toreador like that once but instead of a green nun and cycle runners, Venus was eaten by a guy in a tie surrounded by the recurring nightmare of a fly.

David said...

I always prefered Blue Nun and green fairies myself, but as someone about to become a beggar, I cannot be a chooser and would kindly settle for the prayers of any old nun.

T S Munty said...

G3TFilms.. that's interesting, I've heard of an old lady who swallowed a fly but nobody knew why. Maybe the guy in the tie's recurring nightmare is connected to this, maybe the toreador knows the answer.

David.. a ride around town in a shopping trolley with a bottle of Blue Nun is the height of my nun experience, but it's a good'n. Let's hope yours is a good nun too.